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The following mods are installed and used on the game. Some require client (your side) installation into your mods directory. Currently, only Java version mods are supported. The client-side mods will be exported in future releases to the Bedrock version.


FLAN: /flan Land claiming (add more details) https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/flan

SIMPLE SHOPS: Allow you to buy/sell items. You set up a box that sells an item for a specific amount of another item. For example, You sell five emeralds for 40 potatoes. Requires you to copy to your client mod directory. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/flan The module can be downloaded here: https://www.gumdum.com/SimpleShop-1.0.0.zip. This requires that you be running a FABRIC minecraft server.

PLAYTIME : /playtime top, /playtime player playername : Shows you who is in the running for time played for the monthly giveaway

REPLAYMOD RECORD : Future website feature. You are currently being recorded for every action you do. You are able to edit your footage with replaymod. This is mostly for Vloggers that make videos. Will require a $8/mo subscription to access footage. This is basically ReplayMod without having to run it. Handy if you forget to hit the record button on the actual replaymod.


KICKBAN : /kickban : Will list all self explanatory commands

----Server JSON Side-----

MCDiscord Chat - posts data to the Discord #game-chat and MS Teams channel

PLAYER JSON: Saves every players file, along with playtime data to a Json file. Will be used for future web features.