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7/7/22: We had a service technician from Goettl yesterday who came out and looked at our A/C and compressor. He informed us that we needed a new A/C (in which ours is older and will need replacement soon). However, he didn’t do anything to fix it in the meantime, removed the part that it needs to power on, and we sat in this hot house all night and had to buy a portable A/C cause it was 100 degrees outside & 89 degrees in the house… Since they wanted to replace the whole thing, I called my home warranty… and waited the next day in the hot house that they left us in…

Then the next day, we had an appt scheduled w/ MD Ellis who came to service us as they were the referral from our home warranty. Caleb comes out and looks at the compressor, fixed a part that needed to be fixed, and got it done in about 30 mins. That’s all it took!!! Next thing I know, cold A/C is coming out of the vents inside the house!!!

I can’t believe the other company left a pregnant woman (whom I informed was pregnant yesterday) in a hot house with no A/C, just so they could get us to purchase a new one! Ridiculous!

Call MD Ellis, they were fast, friendly, reliable & overall I’m so so grateful. Stressed & sweating in this hot house for one easily replaceable part!!!! So grateful for your great service and friendly technicians!!!



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