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12/3/2019 UPDATE: So, the main 5-ton AC failed again, on a Friday night after working-hours, of course, on a long weekend. I sent a work order to One Guard and they replied immediately. Since we still had a functioning small unit, with the aid of a couple of fans, it kept most of the downstairs tolerable but the upstairs was very hot. I chose to not pay extra for emergency service.

The next Tuesday Mike Ellis showed up and, within a half hour or so, properly diagnosed the problem as being a failed compressor fan. It was a tricky problem because the fan was running but not well. He used an infrared temperature sensor to measure the fan motor temperature while it was running and determined that it was very hot after only a couple of minutes, indicating an internal motor failure. Unlike a lot of AC companies, Mike had a new fan in his truck and immediately replaced it. In a few minutes the AC was up and running. Now, the whole house is cooled better, faster, and more evenly than before. I’m not sure why but I know that it is. Great job, Mike! Timely, efficient, competent work. Another job well done!

I know I’m not supposed to mention such things in today’s political environment but Mike’s wife is a whiz. A nice, attractive, energetic young woman, she works with Mike and anticipates his every action, to greatly improve his efficiency. Like the Viking wife who goes into battle with her warrior husband, she complements him and doubles his effectiveness. Terrific teammates.



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